Process Improvement Approach

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The basic principle of process improvement is based on the iterative execution of the sequence Plan – Do – Check – Act, according to the well-known Deming Cycle.

This iterative approach carries the following guidelines:
    •    Gradual implementation / gradual improvement
    •    Step by step, assuring everything gets assured
    •    Start simple, observe quick wins, continuously improve, iterate up-to operational excellence
    •    Keep the momentum going
    •    Chances of failure are small; in case of failure, you only loose the effort of one tiny step (contrary to big re-engineering projects)

Before the first Plan – Do – Check – Act cycle, an initial as-is assessment should be performed. The current processes are identified, existing high level business objectives are gathered and the current process objectives are articulated.

Then the iterative cycle starts:
    •    Check: measure and evaluate
    •    Act: design the to-be of the next iteration
    •    Plan: plan the implementation of the to-be
    •    Do: implement the to-be