Enterprise Architecture

An enterprise’s goal is to translate business demand into effective change.

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An enterprise architecture is a means to reach this goal: a description of the components of the business system (e.g., technology, processes, methods, organisation, finance), the relationships amongst them and the manner in which they support the organisation’s objectives.

Enterprise architecture for IT
Enterprise architecture for IT helps identify the resources essential for success:

    •    Applications (run)
    •    Information (deliver)
    •    Infrastructure and people (need)

The IT organisation delivers by a clearly defined set of processes that use people skills and technology infrastructure to run automated business applications while leveraging business information.

These resources, together with the processes, constitute an enterprise architecture for IT, in order to successfully execute IT’s part of the enterprise’s strategy.

Enterprise design
We want to ensure that the IT architecture is in synergy with the business processes, the organisation and the financial dimension, all together within the strategic goals of the enterprise.

As enterprise designers we make sure that, apart from the specific IT components, every technological project is correctly integrated in the overall enterprise strategy.