Crisis & Reorganization

Reorganising the ICT department
We have a proven experience in successfully reorganising ICT departments that are experiencing some form of trouble. The problem situation is typically known by the management, and even after a few years there is still no structural change implemented.

Such problems are translated typically in a series of indicators: a cost structure that is too high, for a lower quality service level, many (systematic) dependencies on external service providers, personnel problems (rotation/recruiting/motivation), etc.

The customer (business) complains... ICT is synonymous to problems and costs... Such improvement projects are our core business.

Crisis Management
In the context of a crisis, the organization is suddenly faced with a threatening situation for which decisions needs to be made in a very short time frame. Typically this is caused by the departure of one or more key individuals. The organization needs to quickly take decisions to deal with this crisis. In contrast to risk management, where one can work in a proactive way, in crisis management people need to deal with the consequences of the threat after it has occurred.

It is essential to ensure stability, by understanding, assessing and dealing with the issues. As of that moment onwards, one needs to work on recovery procedures towards a structural solution and a further improvement.

ICT audit and Risk Management
Based on many years of experience in the domain of ICT auditing and the review of ICT departments and projects, we have built an outspoken expertise in this domain.

It is clear that such knowledge and experience can be brought in an audit/diagnostic model, as well as through consulting/coaching.